Digital Marketing for small businesses and professionals

Hello, we are a digital marketing for small businesses and professionals company working with small businesses and professionals around the country.  We like to do things differently, (this is marketing...  be creative) hence our website.  Different layout, different feel, same high quality results.  Unlike other digital marketing for small businesses and professionals companies, we stay up to date on digital marketing for small businesses and relevant online.  Check out our social media pages (listed below) and our blog MKT 101 n'Fun for some of the latest news and trends in digital marketing.  We specialize in local search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media advertising (SMA), social media optimization (SMO) and creative content creation.  We're a digital marketing for small businesses and professionals company working exclusively with small business owners and professionals around the country in various aspects of business and varying professions.  Let us know if we can of any help to you and your company.  We're here and we're available.

Digital Marketing Facts and what to expect...

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time.  In fact it could take up to 90 days to start seeing results.  It's not a quick fix scheme.

  • If a digital marketing agency PROMISES you anything be weary.  There are proper ways (and improper) for your business to garner an online presence.

  • According to MOZ, there are roughly 4 billion local searches a month.

  • Google makes over $30 billion a quarter from advertising with Facebook being a distant second at roughly $15 billion a quarter.

  • A good SEO strategy is essentially free advertising for an organic local search.

  • You can remarket to potential customers who already visited your site, giving you a better chance at making a new client or customer.

  • It is possible to target your audience with paid advertising so your money isn't spent on people who aren't in the market for your services.

Newest Video:  How your Facebook advertising agency posts ads for you without getting your account info.

What we do...

On page SEO

Off page SEO

Technical SEO

  • Keyword Research

  • Title Tags

  • Meta Descriptions

  • H1 Tags

  • Fast Loading Pages

  • Alt Tags

  • Descriptive URL

  • Anchor Text

  • Schema Markup (JSON-LD)

  • Content Creation

  • Internal / External Linking

  • Link Building (white hat only)

  • Local listings

  • Social media presence 

  • Reviews

  • Overall audience engagement 

  • Mobile Compatibility 

  • Indexing

  • Crawlability

Check out our shining star service --- Social Media Optimization.  Grow your brand with social media.

If your running a business off of Facebook you'll want to check this out and also look into our social media advertising package.  Social media is the way to go when you tie it in with SEO.

We're working to put together a digital marketing for small businesses and professionals  video blog / how to / what to expect page going.  Check out our videos that will be covering SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media and Blogging.

Click Here for more details.

We provide expertise SEO for small business owners and professionals looking for a stronger online presence.

Search Engine Advertising

Social Media Advertising


  • Google Ads

  • Bing

  • Yahoo

  • Set Campaigns

  • Set Ad Groups

  • Target specific geographic area(s)

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Ad Extensions 

  • Tracking

  • Budgeting

  • Remarketing

  • Facebook / Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Tumblr

  • Target specific geographic area(s)

  • Carousel Ads

  • Lookalike Campaigns

  • Custom Campaigns

  • Gather "likes" or "follows'

  • Budgeting and Cost Per Impression

  • 750 + Words per blog

  • Well researched

  • Proofread 

  • You have first read before publishing

  • No mention of our services

  • No hidden links to our page

  • 100% content related

  • Optimized for search engines

  • Alt tagged images

Click around our website to learn more about digital marketing for small businesses and professionals and how we can help your company expand it's brand.

The foundation of a successful marketing strategy is the ability of a marketing manager to understand customers (markets) better than any competitor does and to allocate scarce resources (through market segmentation, targeting and positioning) to markets where the firm has superior strategic fit

How Digital Marketing helps small businesses and professionals?

    The simple answer is free advertising through organic search results, properly displaying your contact information such as business name, address and phone number.

Why should small businesses and professionals use digital marketing?

    Your future customers are connected to the internet and they are using it more everyday. Reach the people that are looking for services like yours. It's cheaper than traditional marketing, it's more effective and it's traceable. We can follow your results.

What are some digital marketing tips for small business?

    We have lots of tips, but here are the best ones to follow. First off, it takes time. A good SEO strategy will take about 90 days to start properly working. Be patient. Second, just getting customers onto your webpage isn't good enough. Your PPC and Ad spending needs to managed properly. Third, be yourself. It's your page, it's your content. Make it interesting, make interactive, make it fun. Be unique.

    Some of the general services that we offer our clients are blog posting, social media marketing and content marketing. We mention these three because few owners know that these are so important to grow your brand. Coming later this year we are going to be expanding our products and services to include email marketing, business websites, marketing consultation and video content. All of this will be centered on providing the best for digital marketing for small businesses and professionals.


    We go beyond just what you see with your results. We are also working for you on a marketing campaign, your business's digital marketing strategy, prospecting customers, following digital marketing trends, working to better the overall experience of your online marketing and monitoring your online reviews. We do all of this while also giving you the option to allow us to maintain your social media channels and start formulating an email list for you and your business.


    If you are looking for an affordable price and a company that will go beyond what they promise you, than you don't want to miss out on Mark Marketing SB. Come see what we have to offer. Digital marketing for small businesses and professionals is our business and business is good.

And more...

Check out our services page to see what we offer and how we can help you #LetYourCompanyGrowWithSEO











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