Digital Marketing Guide to 2020:  A Beginners Guide to starting your own business.

The Intro to the Introduction

        If you are new to digital marketing and find yourself enjoying research, analytics and a lot of competition, then welcome to digital marketing in 2020.  Digital marketing is an evolving science that changes throughout the course of a year, with that being said, if you are serious about working in digital marketing in 2020 then you need to stay up to date on topics related to all things Search Engine Optimization (SE0), Pay Per Click (PPC), content creation and so much more.  This article is here to help guide you in the direction you need to be going in 2020, to help you improve your digital marketing skills and what to be on the look out for.  We'll tell you what works (or seams to work), what doesn't work and how to get started.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this short little read.  This article is written in order of how you should be mapping out your digital marketing strategy. 

       If you are serious about running your own business, than you'll want to first decide what type of legal entity you would like your business to be.  We have an article here detailing the differences between being a S-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietor and Partnership.  We also talk about tips, tricks and basic mistakes to avoid when starting your own business.

Finding customers

       The hardest part about starting your own digital marketing business is finding your first customers.  If you are expecting to just jump into field and have a list of clientele that runs 20 deep because you know what you are doing, you'll probably have to reevaluate your thought process.  Even though you have an understanding of marketing, digital marketing and you have some experience in the field, customers don't just come flocking from the surrounding area to get your help growing their business.  It takes time and patience to start building your portfolio and a good pricing strategy.    

       The first three places that you could find customers are Bark, UpWork and Fiverr.  These places are great to find short term work with clients who typically have a small budget and one or two particular projects that need attention.  When looking for long term work, 


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