How To Get My Website on Google

     If you are here, then that is because you are curious to find ways to get your website on Google, wondering about the process and getting ready to create something great online.  This article is going to skip the first couple of steps to creating a website and focus solely on getting your website noticed by Google and Microsoft (Bing, Yahoo and AOL) search engines along with a few little side bars of information that can help to strengthen your page.  We are going to touch on various topics, but we are going to avoid talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), blogging and social media to focus solely on getting you started.  If you're interested in learning more about digital marketing and small business, check out our blog MKT 101 n'Fun.

     Now before you can get your website online, you'll have to determine what hosting platform you want to use and a good domain name for your page.  The two most popular websites to help you create a website and Wix and Wordpress.  If you haven't already purchased a domain then do some research on both and read as many reviews as you can such as this article from Website Builder Expert on some of the differences.  If you are in the website running game for the long haul, compare SEO and landing page optimization between the two sites.  Wix gives you more freedom, while Wordpress gives you more options.

Crawling and Indexing

     If you are trying to get your website on Google or Microsoft search engines you'll first need to understand some terminology. The first is to understand what is the difference between a crawl and index. To show up on Google or any other search engine, the search engine will first need to crawl your website to get a better understand of what each web page is about on your website. When Google crawls, they are essentially reading your Title Tag, Meta Description, H1 Tag and Body to understand what it is that you are trying to convey to the reader. Google is looking for high quality content and the better the content the higher your page will rank. Want to rank higher? Provide more high quality content to get your website on Google. It's not as simple as that, but like we discussed earlier... we're not diving into SEO (here's a good link) in this article.  A crawl will take place periodically every couple of days or so, but can be asked for more frequently as we'll get into later.

     Along with crawling, we also have indexing. When you index a web page, you are essentially making a journal entry into a very large data base so you can be looked up at any time of day. You'll want to index your website so that all of your work can be found in search engine results on both desktop and mobile devices. If you don't have any experience running a website, don't worry. Indexing a website on Google and Microsoft is easier than you might think.

     So how do I get my website on Google or Microsoft? Looking above, notice that there are two separate indexing software tools provided for you that are free of charge and easy to use after creating an account. If you do need some guidance, we suggest looking at Search Engine Land's How to Guide on Microsoft Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Watch's guide on Google Search Console. These two tools are all that you'll need to be on your way to a good Google index along with a strong Microsoft index.  Getting your website and relevant web pages is easy.  Once you have established accounts with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console, you can request indexing and crawling of your website and web pages anytime.  


Sidebar Tips

    If you are going to create a website, make both the domain name and paths relevant within the URL. Make sure that your website address is a representation of your business, products or services and that your web page URL makes sense. Remember, this is "looked at" when you want your website on Google. Just remember that after you submitted your website to publishing to go over to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to get your updates crawled and indexed as soon as possible.  Getting your website on Google is easy, getting to the top of Search Engine Results Pages, not so much. But like we said, that's more SEO and we wanted to keep this article short and sweet.

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