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    And welcome to Mark Marketing SB, where we are making digital marketing affordable for small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.  Our marketing case study for digital marketing is an ongoing process of questions to better understand you, business and digital marketing a little more so that we can provide the best service possible for you.  We want to be affordable and educational.  We are looking to be a little different from the other digital marketing companies out there.  Digital marketing should be fun a creative, not and we don't utilize a follow the crowd business model.   

    My name is Nick and I'm the owner of MMSB, I am also a doctoral student who is studying business and marketing.  I have 20 years of experience helping large and small companies grow and management skills that have been effective over time.  I am patient, I listen and most of all...  I actually care about your business success.  That is why I am starting this online and interactive marketing case study for digital marketing with the people who matter that most, you.  MMSB will be using Survey Monkey to create our surveys.  We are looking for honest responses from you and will be publishing the results as they come in.  Although our marketing case study for digital marketing cannot be used for scientific studies, I do plan on using these as a loose guide to why consumers are interacting the way that they do with digital marketing and how that effects small businesses and professionals.

    My dissertation is one part behavioral economics and one part digital marketing.  I am going to be studying the use of colors in display advertising, with all things being equal, does one have a higher click through rate than the other and if so, why?  The marketing case study for digital marketing here at MMSB isn't going to be completely focused on display advertising, but with digital marketing as a whole.  The term digital marketing encompasses areas such as website design, UX/UI, graphic design, SEO, SEM (SM ---  but that just sounds boring), social media, e-mail marketing, content creation and more.  Our marketing case study for digital marketing is hoping to shed light on some topics within digital marketing and we are going to publish our findings along with giving explanations as to why consumers are reacting a particular way to what is being presented to them.  It's also enlightening to see what a good SEO strategy and some time can really do for a company.  Search Engine Land has an amazing case study about bringing a new client with a new website and zero traffic up to over a 100,000 website visits a month in a years time.  A good marketing case study for digital marketing is both informative and motivating when it is done properly.

This interactive marketing case study for digital marketing will encompass your thoughts on email marketing, marketing strategies, ad spend, Google Adwords, content marketers, inbound marketing, blog posts, ad campaigns, target audience, website traffic, marketing campaigns, online marketing, paid media, lead generation and social media marketing.

We'll be getting your opinion and thoughts on being a digital marketing agency and digital marketing case studies. We'll get your ideas on how to properly build content and campaign generated ad results. What constitutes a good marketing campaign, a good ad campaign, a good social media campaign, a good email campaign.

We want to know how you define success. Should hitting all of your KPI's and generating a high ROI be labeled successful? Are the vanity metics that we enjoy most in digital marketing really work following?  When do we over analyze and why do we refuse to use the analytics that right in front of us when we gather all of the relevant information? Do you believe that you have found the happy middle in data analysis, or are your thoughts so strong and your opinions so cemented that data analysis isn't worth the time and effort?

    We'll be taking the online survey here and putting together a report in our blog section, MKT 101 n'Fun.  Be sure to check back periodically as we would like to do at least once a month, maybe more depending on how many responses we can get.  And also, if you've made it this far don't forget to click around our site to learn more about what Mark Marketing SB can do for your small business.  We're looking for page interaction, not just on our marketing case study for digital marketing, but also on our website.  Help our bounce rate out and stay for a bit :)



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