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Digital marketing today is centered around strong search engine optimization (SEO), a good pay per click (PPC) campaign and content creation. Content creation is displayed throughout your website and is the driving force behind having a potential customer stay on your page, or leave it to find a product or service elsewhere. Our professional blogging services for small businesses and professionals give your company a chance to display high quality blog posts with in-depth blog content about marketing, business and your profession. A good marketing strategy for small businesses owners today should center around high quality content.

Our content writers will help drive traffic to your site utilizing good blog etiquette, infographics and well researched, written and edited high quality blog content. Our blog writing services can help start or expand your business blog and engage your customers, engage reaction on your social media pages and get your customers and potential customers engaged. We can write blog posts for any profession and/or occasion.

So how does our professional blogging services for small businesses and professionals work?

Lets say your a small business owner who owns a local commercial painting company and you want your readers to better understand the difference in pricing and why similar jobs of equal square footage, scope and duration have drastically different costs. It is vitally important to let your readers know that you are honest and charge the same amount whether your painting a doctor's office or a floral shop and that the difference in pricing is associated to the material cost.

Our first step will be to ask you, the owner what topic you would like to discuss with your reader. After acknowledging that you are interested in letting customers know that product costs are driving the difference in project costs, our content writers will start the research on a strong marketing strategy to produce a high quality blog post filled with quality blog content to focus on what business owners can expect when utilizing your services.

The research process will typically start by finding relevant subtopics within your desired topic. The overview display and the mind map display will give us a good starting point for our content writers to start the research process.

Search Engine Journal has a great article about creating high quality content for your blog posts. They mention key points such as:

  • Always Start with the Why 

  • Know Who You’re Speaking to 

  • Research to a Journalist Standard 

  • Be Informative & Answer Your Audience Questions 

  • Keep Content Information up to Date 

If you are a local contractor and only focused on one area, lets say Central Florida, than we will do a majority of our research within the region and state while also looking to see what they charge in places such as Chicago, New York or out west in states such as Washington and California. Our sole purpose of writing this high quality blog post is to give your readers quality content so they stay engaged with your website and to also make you look good.

Our content writers will spend hours creating personalized infographics for strengthen your blog content, while our content marketers will help with researching similar blogs, posts and customer questions from around the internet.

Thumbtack, a leader in small business interactions where customers can find local freelancers to help them with basic tasks and questions all the way up to large projects says that on average a professionally written blog will cost between $190 and $340 per blog post written. Business owners are essentially paying for the time that it takes to research, write, create, edit and get approved by you, the business owner.

Our professional blogging services for small businesses and professionals will give you and your company 100% credit to all writing, content creation and display. Mark Marketing SB will not be displayed in any manner on or within your content and will not be looking to seek any forms of credit later.

If your looking for a high quality business blog, or your just a business owner looking to expand your social media, SEO or PPC than Mark Marketing SB is a great way to make a strong first impression, or work on making a better online impression.

For more information about our professional blogging services for small businesses and professionals, please contact us. Mark Marketing SB is always here to help with your small business digital marketing needs whether is be content creation, social media, search engine optimization or other digital marketing services, we want to drive traffic to your site with high quality content, affordable pricing and professionalism.

High quality professional blogging services for small businesses and professionals

  • Well Researched

  • Understanding of your industry

  • Your topics

  • Owner approval before publishing

Other sites will charge you $40 and pay their writers $10.  We want to make blogging affordable and SEO friendly while we are at it.  Let us handle your blogging duties for you while saving you money compared to the other companies out there.  Our price structure is simple:

  • $20 for a blog post less than 450 words.

  • $35 for a blog post between 451 and 600 words.

  • $50 for a blog between 601 and 750 words.

  • $75 for a blog post between 751 and 1000 words.

  • $105+ for a blog post more than 1000 words.

Feel free to add infographics for $15 per graphic.

We do the research, you approve before submitting.

Blogging is a great way to get more eyeballs on your website.  Let MMSB be your one stop shop for small business SEO and blogging.


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