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Blog posting is not only a great way to get a readers attention, it is also one of the best ways to catch the eye of Google and Bing.  A blog can either be informal or professional, but should be well written and gets your point of view across.  Blogs are a great way to continuously update your website and pages so that your customers keep coming back for more.  Blogs are also a great way to show Google and Bing that you are truly working on a website that not only attracts users, but also keeps them on your website while continuously interacting with the various articles, products and services.

Q:  Why are blogs important? 


A:  Well, as mentioned above, they keep users of your site engaged.  Think of ESPN as a great example.  Although their articles are not all blogs, the content is being updated throughout the day.  If you were to only see the same sports or news articles on your favorite website throughout the day, then there would be no reason to come back that day.    Do blogs have to be posted daily?  No, in fact a well written blog post that is properly SEO'd will drive more traffic to your site in the long run than numerous articles that were written to fill space and just as a way of means to create new content.

Q:  Why do small business owners  pay for blogs?  

A:  Most owners either don't have time to write content for their website or do not feel comfortable enough to do the research and writing that goes into a properly written blog.

Q:  What if I don't like what was written?

A:  No blogs are posted without the owners approval.


Q:  How are the articles chosen?


A:  Either the owner chooses the topic or we can write an article on a broad topic that is related to your field.  


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