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Traditional marketing and advertising platforms such as billboards, print, television and radio advertising all have one thing in common...  the inability to properly track the campaign.  Digital advertising has solved that.  With Google and Facebook at the forefront of digital advertising and the way consumers are attaining their information and formulated their opinion on brands, digital marketing is becoming more important.  Our small business PPC company advertising is here to make online advertising affordable for small businesses and professionals.  If you are interested more in the dynamics of digital marketing please continue to check out our blog at MKT 101 n'Fun.  

How does it work...

     Google and Bing work on a pay per click platform.  You only get charged if someone searches for your keywords and clicks on your link.

When a digital ad is clicked on, your analytics software is given a treasure trove of information.  Being able to track the user on your website is great, being able to track numerous customers on your website...  phenomenal.  But the best part...  if they don't click, you don't pay.  Online advertising is perfect for a lot reasons, mainly it allows you to:

  • Geo Target

  • Target Gender

  • Target Age

  • Target professions

  • Target Interests

  • Retarget

  • Remarket

  • Set a budget

  • Track, track, track...

The Google does it's thing and populates a list...  The first are all paid ADs.




Jim searches for "CPA Orlando"

PPC Advertising Explained

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are set up into two distinct categories: Search and Display. The search network will allow to target specific keywords that users are searching for online such as 'accident attorney' or 'small business ppc company', where the display network allows you to give visual displays for your advertisements. A little confusing, don't worry. We'll explain the process a little more in depth.

First off, what is a small business PPC company? Quick answer; we only work with small businesses and professionals to help manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns online. We will manage your company's ad copy, ad campaign, ad groups, search ads, display ads, landing pages, ppc advertising, ppc account, cost per click and so much more. Seems like a lot? It is. If you would like to get some good, in depth analysis and spend some time reading about the specifics please check out the Google Ads home page and this guide from WordStream.

Our small business PPC company is going to focus on your campaign and actively manage your ad spend and search results to assure you that your campaign is cost effective and that your pay per click advertising and advertising campaigns are running smoothly, efficiently and are effective. Our products and services will tie into your social media, SEO and content creation seamlessly. Our management services targets specific keywords through research and data analysis to get you the best rate on a cost per click basis. Lets take a look at a few screen shots to see how we show your ads for the best price and some of the analysis that goes into running an effective campaign.

The Google Search Network and Microsoft Search Network are similarly set up for advertising purposes. While doing a keyword targeted ad campaign, your ad copy will effect your click through rate and ad spend. Our small business PPC company will optimize your PPC advertising to stretch the most amount of quality clicks out of your ad spend budget. For a good reference on advertising definitions check out the AdHawk Blog to stay up to date and in the know.

Volume:  monthly searches  CPC:  cost per click   Competition:  the closer to 1 the more competition

Notice how by just adding the word company to the long-tail keyword 'small business ppc' that there is almost a $13 drop in price per click.  Same meaning, one less word, a whole lot of money saved.  The small business ppc company won't be free advertising, but it will be much cheaper.

When setting up your Search Engine ads, we'll do some comprehensive research to make sure that we are targeting the right keywords for your company. We'll use negative keywords to help alleviate any traffic that we don't deem as essential for your campaign and focus on getting quality keywords that are inexpensive, but have the same meaning and context. As you can see to the left, having a search network ad for 'injury lawyer' will run about $113 per click. If you were to click on that ad, that injury lawyer will pay Google $113 whether you become a client or not. Search Engine advertising can range from pennies to around $200 per click as it is run on an auction basis, the time, day and keyword will fluctuate accordingly.  This is essentially our small business ppc company paid search in a nutshell.

That's not all the research we do. We also use Google Trends and other software such as SEMrush to get a better understanding of what people are searching for every day. We want to know trends and volume, plus associated costs, who else is advertising the specific keywords you want and how much traffic it drives to particular sites. On top of all of this, we are gathering data and creating easy to read reports specifically designed for you. Our small business PPC company advertising is designed for you.  We take out the guesswork and give you the results at an affordable rate that is a little better than the standard.

A recent two day Google Display advertising campaign.

Every time you go to a website you are inundated with ads whether you realize it or not. These dispaly ads play a big part in digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Companies such as Google AdSense, Taboola and Outbrain are everywhere even if you don't notice them on your favorite websites such as ESPN, MSNBC or Fox News. Display advertising is a cheap and efficient way to put your company front and center. Let our small business PPC company blend display and search advertising for you online. We'll monitor your ad spend, ad campaign, ad copy and search results with effective pay per click PPC, cost per click and paid search.

What you get...

  • Marketing Plan

  • Analytics Analysis

  • Bid Management

  • Geo-Targeting

  • Demographics

  • Keyword Research

  • Cost Management

  • Weekly Reports

  • Target Advertising

  • ROI Analysis

  • KPI Analysis

  • Actively Managed


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