Small business digital marketing is a technique that is for anyone trying to sell a service or a product online and offline.  Search engine optimization is a way to drive organic traffic without having to pay monthly advertising costs and is a way to not only save costs in the long run, but to be a way for customers to find your business by trying to find a place that does something they want.  SEO is for the small business owner who wants to thrive in a digital market economy.


Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to rank your small business higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).  Have you ever noticed after doing a Google Search that companies specific to what you are looking for appear?  Those companies are on your search engine result page because of SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is a way to have your page rank higher on sites such as Google, which then drives more traffic to your website through organic search results.


Search Engine Optimization


Small business search engine optimization can be anywhere on the globe.  Whether you are a small business that only does business in your local area, or you are a global provider of goods, search engine optimization helps clients find you by updating and maintaining proper names, addresses and phone numbers (NAP) while properly coordinating your location on map services such as Google, Apple and Bing.  Your location and contact information matters. 


If your small business enjoys free advertising then SEO is for you.  A potential customer will only be able to find you if they are looking for the good or service that you offer.  When a potential customer comes to your site, there is a better chance that you will be able to make a sale just because they came to your site looking for something that you offer.  The higher you are on a Google or Bing search result, the more traffice that will come to your website, which leads to more conversions.  


There is no better time then now to ask Mark Marketing SB about formulating a marketing strategy for your small business digital marketing needs.  SEO takes time and chances are good that your competitors have already started a digital marketing campaign a while ago.  A well run SEO digital marketing plan can take up to 120 days to start seeing noticeable results.  Your small business should start with their SEO marketing strategy today.


Get in contact with Mark Marketing SB about our SEO package and how we can help your small business grow.  Our small business digital marketing company is not only more affordable then other sites, but we also only take on a limited number of clients.  Starting the research and planning phase is very important and can take upwards of a week to complete before starting your small business on the path to higher rankings, more traffic and higher customer conversions.  


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