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Social media marketing and pay per click services for small businesses and professionals.

Mark Marketing SB is a Central Florida digital marketing company that is helping small business professionals get affordable marketing help. We are an Orlando based advertising agency that works only with small businesses and professionals.  We offer social media services, search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC), blogging services and more. We will create and manage social media campaigns for small businesses and professionals along with managing your social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on your behalf. 

Quick Facts

  • 116 minutes spent on social media daily (per person average)

  • 2.4 billion Facebook users

  • 327 million Twitter users

  • 1 billion Instagram users

1st Quarter 2019 Results

  • Facebook daily active users up 8% year over year

  • $15.08 billion in revenue

  • $6.42 average revenue per person

  • Twitter ad engagement up 23% year over year

  • $787 million in revenue

  • 134 million daily active users

  • Google had $36.34 billion in revenue

  • Paid clicks up 39%

  • Cost Per Click down 19%

Paid advertising is not only effective, it also reaches more of your target audience for less, while giving you the ability to track and remarket. 

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Find out how we can help increase sales and get your company a better online presence.  Please e-mail or call after checking out our services page.

Companies spend money on digital marketing because it works.  You can level playing field against national and global companies or gain an advantage against your local competition.  With the right social media and pay per click campaign your company can get a better return on investment than with traditional marketing methods.

Let Mark Marketing SB be your small business and professionals advertising agency.  We are a Central Florida digital marketing agency helping small business owners and professionals to grow their business and generate leads, contacts and sales with digital marketing, social media advertising and pay per click (PPC) techniques.  Let us work hard for you.











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 Specializing in digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and social media optimization. We service small businesses, plumbers, painters, electricians, general contractors, real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, CPAs, investments, insurance, accountants, entrepreneurs and so much more.  Check out our digital marketing services under our services tab and contact us with any questions or for additional information.  A Central Florida digital marketing company.

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