A social media story of love and betrayal.. 

This is a story about Sue and Jim.  They're a real estate power couple who loves selling houses, but more than that they like helping people, getting clients and making money.  But they know that being a real estate agent is a tough job.  There is a lot of competition out there and it seems like there are more and more agents every month.  The number of houses on the market maintains it's usual seasonal fluctuation, but the number of agents keep growing.  The margins are shrinking and so are the yearly sales.

They have a pretty extensive catalog of housing and commercial properties available, but they are running into a few problems.  Some houses have been on the market for close to 200 days and there aren't any new clients coming in.  They're starting to worry a little, but not to much because at the moment everything is looking pretty good and they'll just worry about it when the time comes.

A few months later they've managed to sell a couple of houses, lost a couple of clients and have noticed that they're business isn't doing as well as it should.  Now they're starting to worry and they need to try new marketing techniques to drive interest and get new clients.  After some research they have decided to try using their Facebook page to their advantage while also looking into some paid advertising on social media platform.

After doing some research, they decided to try Mark Marketing SB.  Mark Marketing SB's social media optimization pricing was better than the others they saw online and were excited to see their social following and leads grow.  The happy couple were able to get their Facebook page optimized in ways they never knew how.  And for just like that, they were getting eight quality postings at optimized times throughout the week and were noticing more "likes" and phone calls coming in.  People who have lived in the area their whole lives had never heard of Sue and Jim, but are now relying on them to sell their properties.   

What a deal.  Sue and Jim were getting new leads and potential future commissions worth thousands.  They figure that their return on investment was much higher than advertising with other advertising avenues such as newspaper, print, radio and television.  They could control their own message and advertise when they wanted to.  Clients were finding them both directly and indirectly online.  And for this they could celebrate and enjoy their choice of going with Mark Marketing SB and utilizing their social media optimization.

How it works...

You've been posting like this for years...

Grammar could be better and it's not very dynamic which give you...



If you have a small business we can help.  No matter what your profession is whether it be medical, finance, subcontractor or any other we will design professional social media posts for you and your business.  Contact us today to get started.

What we do for you...

Optimize your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest page to maximize engagement

Analyze your analytics for trends and ideal posting times

Create dynamic posts that will engage your audience

Be in contact with you at least once a week for updated pictures and strategy

Give monthly report on what is really happening with your page

Manage your reputation and respond to comments (your determination)

Create advertising campaigns (separate cost)  --- Click here for more info ---











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