Marketing is probably the most enjoyable aspect of business.  Without marketing and advertising you won't get customers and without customers you can't get revenue and if you can't get revenue you can't stay in business.  Advertising is necessary, as they say, "You have to spend money to make money".  Marketing on the other hand helps you identify your customers, segment and target.  Marketing is not sales.  I am currently a doctoral student (Business Administration and Marketing) with years of freelance digital marketing experience.  Mark Marketing SB was recently formed as a Digital Marketing LLC in early April to help small business owners and professionals get affordable marketing help.  My dissertation centers on behavioral economics and digital marketing.  How can a marketing firm better position their clients to perform better than others in similar fields with the help of online technology?  I would like to extend my help in helping your business drive revenue.  MMSB is cost efficient which is why we can pass on the lower prices.  Unlike large firms with high overhead and even higher management salaries, we're simple.


A lot of websites that you visit are boring.  They are cookie cutter websites that are quickly put together so that there is a place for future customers to visit.  The pictures are all stock photos and the pages are filled with garbage articles and filler so that Google will flag them as legit.  There is no feeling, there is no soul and for the most part they all look the same.  If a marketing company isn't putting time into their own site, why would they put time into yours?  Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.  We're available and you can get face time with us.  We are a Central Florida area business that's helping businesses across the country.  We want to get to know you and your company so we can help your company.  #LetYourCompanyGrowWithSEO.



If your doing something you love than it isn't so much a job as it is...  We forget how that goes, but we do know that this is enjoyable.  The history of marketing is fascinating.  What we think of as marketing today is in itself a fascinating discussion.  Did you know that the first formal marketing course was taught only a little over a 100 years ago?  That digital marketing has drastically changed in the past five years?  This arm of business is an infant comparative to others such as sales, accounting and economics. That's why business is fun though, you've always got to be at the ready and wanting to be innovative and proactive, not reactive. 


We want to bring digital marketing into the new decade together with you.  There are some people and small businesses that need help, but aren't sure about doing it digitally or sharing their passwords with someone they don't know.  We alleviate that fear by never asking for usernames and passwords.  Lets strengthen our small business and professional community, lets stay local and lets work together.  To better help your business, we are offering no contract guarantees and up front pricing for all of our services.  A no sales hassle and predictable cash flow.  We are also offering a 120 day discount for our local SEO service.  We feel that this will allow us to get to better know each other get a business marketing plan together to move forward and help your business grow.  Like we said, no contracts. If you find a better price or have other reasons to stop services, we will guarantee a hassle free end of service. 











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 Specializing in digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and social media optimization. We service small businesses, plumbers, painters, electricians, general contractors, real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, CPAs, investments, insurance, accountants, entrepreneurs and so much more.  Check out our digital marketing services under our services tab and contact us with any questions or for additional information.  A Central Florida digital marketing company.

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